Army’s App Helps Move Patients

One of the most critical needs that face deployed medical units is the ability to transport sick and injured patients in and out of the combat theater. To do this, medical units must rely on an efficient logistical information management system that can operate in a complex and ever changing battlefield space.

In addition, medical staff needs to be able to coordinate and monitor patient movements between Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) not just during war times, but also during peacetime, and when there are mass casualty situations.

Today, the Department of Defense is using a software app supported by MC4 known as the “Transportation Command Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System (TRAC2ES) that can be accessed via laptops to more efficiently move wounded military from the battlefield.

The TRAC2ES, a command and control system app is able to process medical data and also combine transportation, logistics, and clinical decision elements to evacuate patients. Patient movement support organizations also can work with the app and assess clinical information, patient precedence, en route requirements, baggage, medications, allergies, and the dates for movement.

The first step occurs when the medical staff accesses TRAC2ES from their laptop and fills out a Patient Movement Request for a specific air lift movement. After the PMR is created, a connection is established between the Army medical unit, U.S. Transportation Command, Air Force, and the receiving MTF or hospital.

Next, the “En Route Patient Staging System” (ERPSS), a system established from lessons learned from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, essentially moves critical care patients to and from the Air Lift and MTFs but also assists the Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Teams with transportation needs. While the patient is en route, health data is being captured on the Aeromedical Evacuation Patient Record and documented later in the soldier’s EHR.

The final action when moving patients takes place at the MTF or receiving hospital. At this time, a physician or medical team member using an MC4 system will sign into TRAC2ES to review and plan for the arrival of the incoming patients by reviewing the clinical information, special equipment needs, or follow other treatment notes.

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