DOD Conducting Pilot Program

The Department of Defense’s Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) is conducting the “Tech into Care Pilot” which will focus on the integration of five popular mobile apps developed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology  and the VA’s National Center for PTSD

Providers in behavioral health clinics at Navy and Air Force PBI Network sites will participate in the pilot and provide input and feedback. Providers will take part in a two hour training session on the core competencies of using mobile apps in clinical practices.

This will be followed by a three month period where providers will use the mobile apps followed by providers introducing mobile apps to patients when clinically appropriate. It is important for the mobile app to be relevant to the patient’s concerns, consistent with the treatment approach, or if the patient is even interested in using an app.

Over the course of the pilot, providers will complete periodic surveys to provide feedback on their experiences in using mobile apps with patients. Results from the pilot will then be shared with each of the services and other stakeholders to support whether further efforts should provide training in mobile apps and how providers can easily integrate the use of apps in treating patients.

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