Northwell Health Signs Partnership

U.S. Northwell Health has signed a new partnership agreement with the Irish company Salaso Health Solutions Limited to build on an existing contract that Northwell signed last year. Salasso Health will provide online care management services to stroke survivors and patients with movement disorders and other neurological conditions.

“Salaso is changing the traditional approach to disease management by integrating exercise and physical rehabilitation into standard treatment protocols,” according to Aoife Ni Mhuiri, CEO of Salaso. With this partnership U.S Northwell will provide preventative healthcare services by deploying innovative and disruptive technologies.

Under the agreement, Northwell and Salaso will develop and enhance Salaso’s capabilities in the area of help restore movement and function in patients affected by injury illness or disability using therapeutic exercise, functional movement, and education. Salaso’s platform allows patients to use their smartphones or tablets to access and interact with high definition video exercises prescribed by their clinicians.

Northwell will expand the scope of the online rehabilitation care to patients with cancer, COPD, and other medical conditions and will use these services for their own patients, Northwell Health’s equity investments will help the company introduce their products and services to the U.S market.

Northwell has been working with Enterprise Ireland an Irish State agency since December 2016. This gives Irish companies the opportunity to work with Northwell to build their businesses and learn how healthcare procurement processes work in the U.S.

Also, Northwell has been working with Enterprise Ireland and their clients to develop and commercialize new medical technologies, secure joint ventures, and to provide platforms to integrate with U.S. healthcare companies.

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