Rapid Growth for AR & VR

“The possibilities of living in different worlds and experiencing the world now in fascinating new ways opens the door for endless opportunities and we are on the cusp of massive change due to machine intelligence and virtual reality”, according to Rowan Trollope Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cisco’s IoT group.

Visual Reality (VR) a three dimensional computer generated environment enables the use of headsets to help visualize immersive multimedia or computer-simulated environments in real time in combination with physical spaces or a multi projected environment. Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world while providing a composite view.

Both VR) and AR are thought to be one of the biggest trends in mobile technology. Advancements in mobile technology, edge computing, and wireless networking, preliminary 5G networks, highly efficient mobile connectivity solutions, and easy access to smarter mobile and wearable devices, have contributed to stimulating the growth of AR and VR.

Cisco’s Mobile Visual Networking Index forecasts that globally, VR will grow eleven fold from 13.3 petabytes per month which measures memory or storage capacity as reported in 2016 to 149 petabytes per month in 2021. Globally, AR traffic has seen a seven fold increase from 2016 and expects to see 20 petabytes per month on mobile by 2021.

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