HHS-SBIR Program a Success

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provides care at 1,233 healthcare facilities in the U.S. Vecna www.vecna.com located in Cambridge Massachusetts taking part in the HHS SBIR program, produced technology to help veterans specifically during the patient registration process at VHA healthcare facilities.

The technology produced by Vecna is now powering over 800 VHA health centers by providing kiosks and software to streamline the administrative process and improve the patient experience. Vecna now has 4,500 freestanding kiosks, 540 desktops, and 331 wall-mounted systems being used as part of the current patient registration process available in hospitals and healthcare centers.

With revenue from the success of their patient solutions side of the business, Vecna has been able to fund their robotics division. The market for robotics in the logistics and warehouse industries is currently valued at $1.9 billion with that number expected to reach $22.4 billion by 2021. The company is now working with major manufacturers, retailers, and shippers to deploy the most complete range of mobile robotic solutions on the market.

Vecna also sells a suite of personal robotics, called the VGo series of robots. Controlled by a remote, VGo is a productivity improvement solution enabling people to replicate themselves in a distance location and have the freedom to move around as if they were present physically. These robots can be of value to businesses, educators and students, and healthcare and service organizations.

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