Software Monitors & Tracks Responders

CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)  has a new software platform called “ERHMS Info Manager ™”. This platform is able to track and monitor emergency response and recovery workers during all phases involving emergency response during a natural disaster or any other public health emergency.

The ERHMS Info Manager a freely available software, can be used by anyone to deploy and protect emergency responders, including incident command staff, response organization leadership, health, safety, and medical personnel.

The ERHMS Info Manager enables users to:

  • Create responder profiles
  • Record response incidents and map incident locations
  • Assign responders to an incident roster
  • Design forms and surveys using custom and pre-built templates
  • Request information from responders to use to analyze the forms


NIOSH has also developed a new landing page on its website for information related to emergency responder health monitoring and surveillance with information on online training tools, software, and user manual and training videos.

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