Unique Solution to Emerging Markets

VIA Global Health www.viaglobalhealth.com is filling a gap in the worldwide healthcare market with the development of their innovative e-commerce healthcare technologies distribution platform. This was reported in the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration www.trade.gov August 2017 blog.

VIA Global Health, a Seattle-based company, addresses the needs of nearly six billion people in emerging markets around the globe. According to VIA Global Health President, Noah Perin, “Medical professionals in developing countries do not have access to innovative products, and as a result, innovators are constantly struggling to sell their devices in these markets. We decided to offer a solution by presenting a global platform that would function like the Amazon of the medical supply world.”

VIA Global Health worked with their local Washington State U.S Export Assistance Center in Seattle http://2016.export.gov/washington/seattle to help them double their distribution network to cover twenty one African and South Asian nations.

The company then obtained intelligence on medical technologies needed in Africa, met with potential distributors in Africa, and was introduced to the Washington State Department of Commerce www.commerce.wa.gov which provided funding for Perin’s participation in two African health expos.

Today, the company has more than 160 distribution partners spread across 21 countries in Africa, India, and Bangladesh. The e-commerce platform offers medical devices, medical supplies, lab supplies, and consumables.

“We’re here to take the guess work out of selling to foreign markets”, reports U.S. Commercial Service Seattle Director Diane Mooney. “We counsel local companies on all facets of exporting, help them determine the best export markets for their goods or services, identify and arrange meetings with potential foreign partners or distributors, and assist with removing trade barriers.”

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