Delivering Telemedicine Worldwide

Defense contractor SOSi International LLC (SOSi) and George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GW-MFA), the largest independent physician group in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area, have announced a partnership to deliver advanced telemedicine solutions to deployed personnel around the globe. This will enable deployed personnel to have instant access to the highest level medical expertise at a leading medical center. 

“SOSi is accustomed to working in the world’s most challenging environment,” said Julian Setian, President and CEO at SOSi. “We are committed to ensuring that our clients, partners, and employees receive the best possible care, no matter where they work. Working directly with GW-MFA, will help improve the care we provide to deployed personnel while providing innovative new tools to instantly connect patients and care providers.”

SOSi an international solutions provider with experience in 30 countries worldwide hired Dr. James Phillips, as Chief Medical Officer with experience in emergency medicine and expeditionary medical services. Dr. Phillips has worked recently in countries such as Nepal and Ukraine. In his work, Dr. Phillips makes field visits to review and update clinical protocols, hires and trains clinical staff, and provides guidance on improving capabilities and preparedness.

“Providing exceptional medical care in austere environments requires specialized training, and the ability to improvise”, said Dr. Phillips. “GW-MFA has years of experience providing this care and I am very proud to be a part of this growing business area within SOSi.”

The GW-MFA global operations center provides around-the-clock service by connecting patients directly to physicians including emergency and specialty consultations, plus GW-MFA provides case management and care planning, medical repatriation, and remote health monitoring.

The Worldwide Emergency Communications Center acts as the operational hub to clinical and cognitive telemedicine consults at GW-MFA. The global center provides telemedicine solutions including mobile device applications and a variety of HIPPS compliant video communication tools, such as portable, low bandwidth video-conferencing systems.

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