Connecticut HIE Now Live

The statewide HIE called “CTHealthLink” provides a common-sense solution in Connecticut. With gridlock in Hartford and a looming multibillion dollar deficit, plus the growing demands for patient data from Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers, the HIE is ready to go at no additional cost to Connecticut,” reports Matthew Katz, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Connecticut State Medical Society  

CTHealthLink is now live and encompasses an interoperable HIE as well as patient health portals, improved care coordination and patient safety, population health solutions, and support to meet requirements for MIPS/APMs.

The CTHealthLink analytics dashboard and reporting capabilities provide:

  • High risk patient data identifies patients considered most at risk for poor health outcomes, high resource utilization by these patients, and high risk patients in need of care coordination. “SmartAlerts” inform caregivers with actionable intelligence
  • Quality metrics data displays analysis of preventive care procedures commonly required and approved for quality reporting programs for clinics
  • Disease registries display specific patient populations with specific diseases and high risk conditions and enables physicians to take steps to deal with the situation.
  • Population health analysis provides data on eleven predetermined criteria selections


The HIE data warehouse stores and aggregates clinical data from all HIE member’s EHR systems as well as any other connected HINs. This data is delivered in the form of custom developed web-based dashboard reports.

Participants can also request specially created reports based upon desired criteria as long as the data appears in the data warehouse. Access to this information is used to achieve successful clinical integration, care coordination, quality reporting, and helps with the transition to performance-based payment models.

The HIE is a subscription-based model that does not rely on state or federal funding. Participating healthcare providers will not be charged any fees until their EMR system is connected to the CTHealthLink technology platform and then actively exchange information.

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