Watson & Cota Analyze Data

IBM Watson Health http://ibm,com/watsonhealth Cota Healthcare, and Hackensack Meridian Health www.HackensackMeridianHealth.org a healthcare system in New Jersey, are collaborating on a pilot study. The study will use a combination of IBM Watson and Cola technology to help inform, determine, and rank the right treatment for each cancer patient, and then provide links to supporting evidence.

Cota’s Nodal Address ™ is a patented real-world classification system that groups patients into clinically meaningful cohorts. At that point, IBM’s Watson for Oncology will be able to provide oncologists with personalized, evidence-based decision support by combining attributes from a patient’s EMR with clinical guidelines, medical literature, plus information available from training done at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Initially the pilot will be rolled out to a group of ten oncologists and will be available to as many as 500 patients now through the end of October 2017.  Then Hackensack Meridian Health will roll out the solution throughout their systems and extend access to these tools to oncologists across in their health network.

The second phase of the pilot will not only provide evidence-based treatment recommendations and care paths but the information will also include insights on bundled payment assignments. The use of IBM’s Watson for Oncology and Cota will present treatment recommendations alongside insights on real-world outcomes to the oncologist at the point-of-care.


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