Texas Bill to Become Law

The bill (SB 1107) supporting telehealth introduced into the Texas legislature last February that  passed the House in May, is expected to become law as soon as it is signed by Governor Abbott. As soon as the bill is signed into law, American Well www.americanwell.com will enable clinicians to use their platform to provide services to patients in Texas.

The bill states that telehealth physicians are subject to the same standard of care as any other physician and that a patient-provider relationship can be established by real-time video or phone.

American Well worked with many key stakeholders to get this bill passed. American Well worked hand-in-hand with the Texas Medical Association, Texas E-Health Alliance, Texas Academy of family Physicians, Texas Hospital Association, and the University of Texas.

To learn how to partner with American Well on telehealth in Texas, email Robyn.Wolensky@americanwell.com.

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