System Integrated into EMR

AMD Global Telemedicine in collaboration with Adventist Health and Cerner, have rolled out AMD’s AGNES Interactive® and are working closely with Adventist Health and Cerner as a team to integrate the AMD telemedicine platform with Cerner’s EMR.

Providers now have the ability to query a patient’s record and link it to a telemedicine consult and then save important health data to put back into the patient’s medical record. Critical data that is collected during the telemedicine exam such as vitals and real-time, high definition images now goes directly to Cerner’s EMR.

AMD has developed a command and control framework within the AGNES Interactive API that may be used to package all the data into HL7 messages and pass them on to any third party application.

“This multifaceted integration was a strategic goal from the beginning of our Adventist relationship, commented Dan McCafferty VP, Global Sales and Corporate Development. We developed AGNES Interactive with the intention of aligning our telemedicine solution with EMR platforms to enhance the value of telemedicine consults and maximize the continuity of patient care”.

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