swyMed Receives Patent

The USPTO www.uspto.gov has issued a patent to swyMed http://swymedical.swyme.com to enable real-time video telemedicine to be used at anytime and anywhere in the world. A barrier within the telemedicine market today is that it is necessary for bandwidth to reliably conduct video encounters for real-time telemedicine outside of the hospital or clinic.

Now swyMed’s patented proprietary data transport protocol is able to overcome traditional connectivity issues such as latency or packet loss and deliver real-time video telemedicine encounters even in the most difficult environments.

According to Stefano Miglioisi, CEO of swyMed, “The recently granted patent further validates the advancements of our telemedicine technology to power quality video encounters, even at the lowest bandwidths.”

He adds, “We are now able to monitor the quality of the user experience so that the user has the best possible experience for any given set of conditions such as network connectivity and available hardware.”

Most recently, the company launched a new patented software referred to as the “DOT Telemedicine Backpack” http://swymedical.swyme.com/dot-telemedicine-backpack. It is the first lightweight mobile telemedicine solution that enables field care providers to conduct high quality, reliable, and real-time video consults with physicians to treat patients even in the most remote areas or on the go.

The telemedicine backpack enables providers to be able to assess and monitor patients in an ambulance, can help with paramedicine programs, and at the same time, prevent expensive and unnecessary emergency transports.




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