Care from Injury to Recovery

The Theater Medical Information Program-Marine Corps (TMIP-MC) is a medical software enabling access to EHRs in deployed environments. The software was developed by the military’s Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems Program Office.

The software enables medical personnel to have access to not only military-wide EHRs but also enables blood orders to be resupplied along with orders for equipment and supplies, and enables patient locations to be tracked.

The software is installed on laptops equipped with a printer and networking router. This portable hardware suite enables the system to be used aboard ships, at remote aid stations, in trauma units and at many other medical treatment facilities.

“The hardware supporting TMIP-MC is streamlined so that Marines can carry the system into different tactical environments. The laptop system and accessories are packed in individual crates, so that the weight is decreased enabling medical personnel workstations to be flexible and portable,” said Timothy Davis, MCSC Project Officer for TMIP-MC.

The TMIP-MC transmits the information to the joint managed Theater Medical Data Store which ultimately feeds the data into the Clinical Data Repository that stores all the information from EHRs across the services.

TMIP-MC is also compatible with the “Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application-Mobile” (AHLTA-M) a hand-held data application. Information can be loaded into AHLTA-M manually into TMIP-MC and then ultimately linked into the Theater Medical Data Store.

As the military develops the next generation military EHR system called MHS GENESIS, the new platform will be a single integrated medical and dental health record connecting patient information from all services and the platform will replace several legacy systems including TMIP-J, AHLTA, and the Composite Health Care System.

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