Johns Hopkins to Launch Centers

Johns Hopkins (JHU) “Individualized Health Initiative” (Hopkins inHealth) is an initiative formed from JHUs $45 billion “Rising to the Challenge” campaign. The initiative is a collaboration among JHU institutions, including the Johns Hopkins Health System and the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)

Hopkins inHealth will work on tackling new challenges for generating new measurements and analytical approaches to further characterize specific diseases and to better identify and treat subgroups of patients with diagnoses.  

Johns Hopkins Medicine, and APL are going to work jointly to apply data analysis and systems engineering practices to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The partnership will also interact with the JHU Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare at the Whiting School of Engineering.

According to Sezin Palmer Mission Area Executive for National Health at APL, “We want to leverage APL’s expertise to develop solutions across all care environments in a way that advances health and healthcare solutions for civilian, military, and veteran population worldwide. Our vision shared by JHU and the School of Medicine partners is to revolutionize health through science and engineering.”

It has also been announced that the JHU inHealth Precision Medicine Centers of Excellence will launch eight centers of excellence this year to highlight areas where the newest technologies and measurement tools can be applied to greatly improve patient care. The centers will focus on a number of different conditions, including heart failure, genetics, multiple sclerosis, arrhythmias, and prostate cancer.

The JHU inHealth program and centers of excellence will collect more information from patients. So in addition to family history, the various research teams hope to analyze biological markers in blood and genetic hallmarks to incorporate this data into the patient’s medical history plus incorporate societal and physical environment history and information.

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