Virtual Care Fights Colds & Flu

The need to use virtual healthcare is magnified during the busy cold and flu season when wait times at clinics or urgent care centers are sure to be longer than usual. Even on a busy day, primary care providers tend to be booked solid with perhaps only one or two open slots available for urgent, unscheduled appointment. 

“When suffering from cold or flu symptoms, virtual healthcare delivered by providers from the community’s own health system, allows people to receive the same accurate diagnosis and high quality care that is possible in person but more cost effectively in the home, explained Keven Smith, Chief Clinical Officer at Zipnosis”

The Zipnosis virtual care platform can be launched at a health system in just 60 days and allows the patient to use a smartphone, tablet, or PC to complete an online, adaptive interview to document their condition.

A provider from the patient’s local health system then reviews the patient’s information and is able to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan within an hour or less. If needed, the interview can be supplemented with a phone call or video visit.

If laboratory testing is required, a ZipTicket® or healthcare boarding pass is issued. Having the ticket provides the patient front-of-the-line access to lab services at a location with the health system. Using the virtual system, more than 90 conditions may be diagnosed.






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