Ideas on the Future of Healthcare

A Capitol Hill briefing “The Future of Healthcare in America” presented by the NIHCM Foundation, brought together leaders who have served in Democratic and Republican Administrations, led and advised major healthcare companies, and spurred improvements in health policy for many decades.

“We’re in a moment when everyone is wondering “What’s next? Said Nancy Chockley, President and CEO of the NIHCM Foundation. The expert speakers at the briefing discussed their different viewpoints on the future of healthcare and how the country should move forward. Discussions centered on health policy along with talks on the transformation of healthcare payment and delivery.

Mike Leavitt, Former Secretary of HHS under President George W. Bush started the conversation by discussing the long term versus the short term view of the issues. He pointed out that in the long term, fee for services will be replaced by value payment but in the short term many issues will confront the new administration and Congress in 2017.

He told the attendees, “There are three major issues that need to be discussed in the new administration. These issues include discussions on the fragile market which provides healthcare to 10 million individuals. The second issue is the environment for Medicaid expansion. Every state has not adopted Medicaid expansion 1332 Waivers. Lastly there needs to be discussions by both parties on pharmaceutical pricing.”

Other briefing panelists included:

  • Bob Kocher, Former Assistant to President Obama on Health Care and Economics
  • Uwe Reinhardt, Professor of Political Economy, Princeton University
  • Jeff Roe, President & CEO Premera, Blue Cross
  • JD Hickey President and CEO BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee


Go to to view the video of the briefing.

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