HIT VC Funding at $1.25 B (Q3-16)

Mercom Capital Group http://mercomcapital.com just released their Q3 2016 Healthcare IT/Digital Health Funding and M&A Report. Overall funding is on pace to eclipse 2015’s total. Venture Capital (VC) funding in the Health IT sector including private equity and corporate.

VC totaled $1.25 billion in 177 deals in Q3 2016 as compared to $1.6 billion in 140 deals in Q2 2016. So far this year, more than $4.2 billion has been raised in 463 deals, well north of the $3.6 billion raised during the same period in 2015.

This has resulted from increased funding in Healthcare IT outside of the U.S especially in China. A Chinese company also secured the largest deal for the second consecutive quarter. “International funding deals continue to be strong, especially in China boosting overall totals,” said Raj Prabhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Mercom Capital Group. “2016 is on pace to be the best fundraising year for the sector.”

The top funded Health IT Technologies in Q3 2016 were:

  • mHealth apps ($253 million)
  • Telemedicine companies ($220 million)
  • Practice management solutions companies ($82 million)
  • Consulting companies ($77 million)
  • Mobile wireless ($75 million)
  • Wearables and sensors ($74 million)
  • Remote monitoring ($65 million)
  • Payer solutions companies ($50 million)


The top VC deals for Q3 2016 included:

  •  Meet You—provides fertility tracking app (raised $151 million)
  • Accolade—developed mobile app (secured $70 million)
  • Neusoft Xikang Healthcare Technology—provides a remote health monitoring device  (raised $64 million)
  • ClearCare—provides an online software platform for home care (secured $60 million)
  • InstaMed—a healthcare payment network (raised $50 million)
  • Specialists on Call—uses telemedicine to provide specialty physician consultations to acute care hospitals (raised $50 million)


Go to http://store.mercom.mercomcapital.com/product/q3-2016-healthcare-it-digital-health-funding-and-ma-report to read more details on the report.

For more information, email Matt Barbour matthew@mercomcapital.com or call (512) 215-4452.

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