Technology to Cut ADEs

Today, medication treatment is the most common medical intervention and when not used correctly represents the fourth leading cause of death. Adverse Drug Events (ADE) require one million emergency room visits, two million affected hospital stays, and 3.5 million physician office visits every year.

The incidence of ADEs is highly correlated to the number of medications an individual is taking and/or the patient’s non-adherence to prescribed regimens.

The company Tabularasa is an emerging growth company with a technology-driven approach to medication management. Their technology currently serves 125 healthcare organizations focusing on populations with complex healthcare needs and extensive medication requirements.

The company’s products and services are built around the company’s novel Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix (MRM Matrix). This use of technology enables medication for patients to be personalized, according to dosage levels and time-of-day administration.

The MRM Matrix analyzes a combination of clinical and pharmacology data, population-based algorithms and extensive patient-specific data, including medical history, lab results, medication lists, and individual medication-related genomic information, to deliver precision medicine. The company provides software-enabled solutions that can be bundled with prescription fulfillment and reminder packaging services.

In addition, a team of clinical pharmacists is available to support prescribers at the point-of-care which includes real-time secure messaging with more than 136,000 messages exchanged in August 2016.

In September 2016, the company submitted a preliminary prospective to the SEC offering an initial public offering of the company’s common stock. The company intends to list the common stock on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol TRHC. Since their first year of active operation in 2011, their revenue has grown to $70 million for the year ending December 2015 and $42 million for the six months ending June 30, 2016.

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