Discussing eHMP at Summit

Seong K. Mun, PhD, President and CEO of the “Open Source EHR Alliance” (OSEHRA) www.osehra.org welcomed attendees to the “OSEHRA Open Source Summit” held June 27-29, 2016 http://summit.osehra.org. Since OSEHRA was established, the Veterans Administration (VA) www.va.gov has contributed code to OSEHRA, so that the open source community can co-opt what the VA has developed to allow further product development.

Dr. Mun highlighted support for the “Enterprise Health Management Platform” (eHMP) www.osehra.org/content/ehmp-architecture an interoperable system scheduled to be deployed soon. A major part of the eHMP provides services to support multiple consumers, clients, and applications.

The eHMP will enable care teams to cache data for the whole day and be aware of their patient’s entire list of appointments. The system will enable care teams to search patient data and find answers to the most difficult to find information.

For example, if a patient has Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), providers will be able to find information on every episode of CAD-related care in the patient’s medical history by doing a search. Providers will be able to see the whole person rather than isolated symptoms by using eHMP.

This year, the VA is going to demonstrate the progress of eHMP and plans to unveil a community open source testing and development website. This will make it possible for open source community members to be able to develop and test eHMP-compatible applications. The site will be reachable via a link from the OSEHRA website.

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