Virginia Board of Medicine Actions

Virginia’s Board of Medicine in their April 2016 newsletter made several references to telemedicine. Bill (SB 369) was introduced to expand a telemedicine pilot program so that healthcare services can be provided in certain areas.

The bill directs the Center for Telehealth at the University of Virginia  and the Virginia Telehealth Network (VTN) http://ehealth.virginia to establish a pilot program to expand access and improve the coordination and quality of healthcare services in rural and medically underserved area via telemedicine. The pilot will support patient care teams and help nurse practitioners identify and develop written practice agreements with patient care team physicians.

In another move, a recommendation was made that when providing psychiatric services to individuals, help needs to be available from a community services, a free health clinic, or FQHCs, using telemedicine delivered by a practitioner at the Center for Telehealth at the University of Virginia (UVA).

An update on the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact states that 12 states have passed legislation recommending that the Compact Commission be established and become operational. Twelve other states have introduced legislation.

The Virginia Board is discussing the Compact and deciding whether to join. However, legislation would need to be introduced and passed by the General Assembly to establish the Compact in Virginia

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