Marketing to Japanese Market

Vital Connect, a medical device and healthcare technology company develops wearable biosensor technology used in hospitals to remotely monitor patient’s has now extended their flagship product “HealthPatch MD” in the global market.

The device collects biological data, such as ECG and heart rate, which helps doctors improve the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease specifically arrhythmia. To collect data, a sensor module is inserted into the disposable patch which is worn on the chest.

There are two types of patches “Active” and “Gentle” with different adhesive materials, which can be used for different purposes according to the patient’s condition and activity level. The maximum battery life of a patch is up to 96 hours of continuous use which enables nonstop recording of ECG in an everyday setting. The device is compact and can be worn discreetly without interrupting normal activities.

Data collected is sent via Bluetooth to devices and monitored through dedicated software. Vital Connect is considering future applications for software that could be used for the early detection of heart disease and to confirm the condition of patients that have been discharged from the hospital.

Like in the U.S, Canada, and United Kingdom, medical professionals and researchers in Japan are now able to use HealthPatch MD. Though an agreement with Omron Healthcare Co, Ltd, the device is being marketed to research facilities in Japan by Omron Healthcaremarketing Co, Ltd, a medical device sales company of Omron Healthcare based in Japan.









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