Developing Surgical Platform

Johnson & Johnson has formed Verb Surgical Inc. an independent surgical solutions company in collaboration with Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences) to be headquartered in Mountain View California.

In the coming years, Verb Surgical aims to develop a comprehensive surgical solutions platform that will incorporate leading-edge robotic capabilities and medical device technology for operating room professionals to use.

The goal of Verb Surgical is to develop these new technologies to work in partnership with surgeons and hospitals to enable better patient outcomes, improve access to minimally invasive surgery, and achieve greater hospital efficiency.

Verb Surgical is supported by investments from Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JJDC, Inc. a venture capital subsidiary of J&J, and Verily. Both Ethicon and Verily have contributed intellectual property, in-process R&D assets, and other resources to Verb Surgical including managerial assistance, technology, and surgical expertise.

“We believe Verb Surgical has the potential to change the future of surgery, not just robotic surgery,” said Gary Pruden, Worldwide Chairman, for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. “The team has already made meaningful progress on the robotics platform which is being developed for application across a host of surgical specialties.”

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