Medical Device Partnership

The University of Pittsburgh and the Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative Association (KMDICA) www.medinet.or.kv representing 450 member companies in a partnership agreement are working together to advance research and innovations as applied to medical devices.

Over the next three years, the University of Pittsburgh and KMDICA will collaborate on research projects, consult on technical issues, provide technical assistance on manufacturing, develop further applications for medical device technologies, plus jointly host seminars in Korea and the U.S.

Rebecca Bagley, University of Pittsburgh Vice Chancellor for Economic Partnerships explained, “A top priority for the university is to expand and strengthen Pitt’s capacity to partner. The changing higher-education landscape requires research universities to seek out partnerships. Today, the university is actively searching for external partnerships.”

As reported by KMDICA, Korea is in a strong position when it comes to the development of their electro-medical equipment industry since the electronic field in Korea in terms of semiconductors, industrial electronics, and electronic parts is as fully developed as in advanced countries. As a result of Korea’s economic development, there are now more hospitals so that there is an increasing demand for medical equipment which has created a large local market.

For more information, email Joe Miksch

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