Developing Innovative Solutions

Steven Krein, Co-Founder and CEO at StartUp Health located in Santa Clara, participated in a panel at the Health Data Consortium Fall Policy Forum held in Washington D.C. to emphasize how entrepreneurs can help solve and find new innovative ways to deal with problems in the healthcare field.

As Krein explained, “There are over 7,000 startups in the world dealing with many issues and problems including how to use big data to develop ways to provide precision medicine. Ideas from startups can help corporations but also help researchers, entrepreneur-minded doctors, and clinicians find solutions and new ways to deal with many healthcare issues.”

Startups can incorporate data effectively into the industry’s thinking and how to use data to power precision medicine. “We believe unique collaborations are required between extraordinary entrepreneurs and the world’s industry leaders in order to fix today’s most complex healthcare challenges,” said Krein.

To help startups move rapidly forward in the field, StartUp Health and GE Ventures are expanding their partnership to invest in and coach startups to focus more on areas in healthcare innovation. The program will initially support startups and early stage growth companies to focus on healthcare issues such as payment solutions and virtual health platforms.

Over the next year, StartUp Health Academy and GE Ventures will accept at least ten new qualified companies into the program. The program is designed to help startups commercialize and grow by providing access to GE Ventures executives and technology experts as well as StartUp Health Academy’s coaching and their global network of investors and customers.

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