TEDCO Invests in Maryland Startups

The Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) http://tedco.md provides entrepreneurial support and guidance to start-ups and early stage companies in the state that are striving to bring innovative ideas to market. TEDCO recently announced that 16 companies received $1.6 million from TEDCO’s Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF).

Funds were awarded to start-ups representing a wide range of industries including medicine, disease treatment, healthcare, software, and mobile app development. Since TCF’s inception, 242 awards have been made. These companies have gone on to receive more than $748 million in downstream funding from angel and venture investors, federal awards, and from other resources.

Some of the companies awarded TCF funding are:

  • Appian Medical, Inc. created SnoreSounds that uses clinically proven algorithms to detect Obstructive Sleep Apnea through the analysis of sleep breathing sounds recorded with a smartphone
  • Avhana LLC created a Cloud-based decision support platform that integrates actionable patient-specific clinical content directly into the physician’s workflow
  • Cureveda LLC has identified novel small molecule Nrf2 activators which are currently at the preclinical stage of development and have the potential to slow or reverse disease in various conditions such as COPD, IPF, and systemic Sclerosis and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Quantified Care, LLC provides mobile platforms and mobile medical technologies paired with the right clinical expertise to eliminate gaps in patient care
  • Sickweather the patent-pending process, provides reports of illness from social media to use for public health prediction and real-time mobile alerts, so parents, travelers, and healthcare professionals can stay ahead of the spread of illness
  • Theraly Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is working to generate medically important stable and long acting therapies by designing innovative biologic therapeutics using a breakthrough in half-life extension technology
  • Vixiar Medical Inc. is developing technologies for the non-invasive monitoring of cardiopulmonary diseases, especially those diseases that can impact hospital readmissions. The company has developed a hand-held device to monitor non-invasive CHF patients which has been approved by clinical engineering at Johns Hopkins University
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