Intel & OHSU Collaborating on CCC

According to Eric Dishman, Intel General Manager for Health and Life Sciences appearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, announced that Intel and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) are collaborating on an effective way to provide cancer data.

Intel and OHSU have developed the Collaborative Cancer Cloud (CCC) to enable medical institutions to securely share insights from their private patient genomic data for potentially lifesaving discoveries.

He explained, “Intel announced that key technology components of the CCC will be opened sourced to enable hospitals and research institutions of all sizes to use the technology to advance personalized cancer research.” Intel and OHSU have announced that they will partner with two other large cancer institutions to extend this capability in 2016.

The technology can also be used to advance personalized research in diseases that are known to have a genetic component such as Alzheimer’s diabetes, and more. The goal is to help not only cancer centers worldwide but to help many other diseases.

The project combines next-generation Intel technologies and bioscience to enable solutions that can be used to make it easier, faster, and more affordable for developers, researchers, and clinicians to understand any disease that has a genetic component.

One important fact is that the technology enables large amounts of data available from sites all around the world to be analyzed in a distributed way without having to move the data itself, thereby preserving the privacy and security of that patient’s data at each site.

The end goal is to empower researchers and doctors to help patients receive a diagnosis based on their genome and potentially arm clinicians with the data needed for a targeted treatment plan. According to Dishman, “By 2020, we envision this happening in 24 hours

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