Conducting Courses in Telemedicine

Today, universities are beginning to include telemedicine in their education curriculum by conducting courses to guide students on how to effectively use telemedicine to help rural health and underserved population initiatives. Teams of undergraduates, graduates, and doctorates are being trained to use AMD Global Telemedicine’s equipment to find ways to leverage the technology for collaborative patient care.

Texas Woman’s University and Old Dominion University are two universities that have started using AMD’s clinical telemedicine systems to achieve coordinated care using telehealth technology. The AMD equipment and software were chosen to be part of their inter-professional learning programs to demonstrate the use of telemedicine as an integral tool in clinical practices.

Teams at the universities are being intensely trained on using clinical telemedicine equipment and ways to leverage the technology for collaborative patient care. The telemedicine courses help universities achieve their goals to meet rural health and underserved population initiatives from an inter-professional perspective.

Michele Bordelon, Program Manager for the Inter-professional Education Program and Director of Nursing Practice at Old Dominion University School of Nursing, said “Working with AMD made the equipment selection process easier since AMD understood what we were trying to accomplish and molded their products to our standardized patient cases and inter-professional student population.”

Dr. Mari Tietze, Associate Professor, Texas Woman’s University in the T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences and the College of Nursing reports, “Our telehealth electives are open to nursing, occupational health, physical therapy, nutrition, health system, and management and business students. It is a really great platform to help teams collaborate and manage patients remotely.”

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