TennCare Seeks Recommendations

TennCare www.tn.gov, in partnership with Amerigroup www.amerigroup.com, BlueCare Tennessee http://bluecare.bcbst.com, and United Health Community Plan  www.uhccommunityplan.com Managed Care Organizations (MCO), seeks to identify potential providers  providing help to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that have reached a behavioral health crisis.

The State of Tennessee on June 15th, 2015 issued a Request for Recommendations (RFR) and MCO Contracting Information to use the information to finalize specific services and to identify potential providers to contract with the MCOs.

The RFR has one section related to telehealth that includes the need to expand telehealth/tele-supervision capabilities. This can be in terms of enhancing telehealth availability and developing apps, plus other ideas and suggestions are welcome. The RFR is also looking for suggestions on how to develop a repository for information with data on individuals’ needs and their clinical information.

In addition, the RFR is looking to enhance system capacity and wants to provide training for existing crisis teams and first responders, provide for a hospital-based dual diagnosis specialist crisis screener, and improve and enhance EHRs.

Go to www.tn.gov/assets/entities/tenncare/attachments/RFRBehavioralCrisisPreventioninterventionStabilizationServices.pdf to view the RFR due July 31, 2015. For more information email Debbie Bresee at debbie.bresee@tn.gov.

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