RFP for Demonstration Projects

Governor of California Jerry Brown http://gov.ca.gov has launched a statewide initiative referred to as the “California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine” (CIAPM) with the University of California.

The CIAPM project will enable the University of California to assemble expert teams to conduct two demonstration projects in disease areas where the university has deep expertise and where private and non-profit partners are also ready to contribute assets.

The central goal is to use advanced computing tools to integrate and analyze the vast amount of basic science data available along with molecular, clinical, environmental, and epidemiological data on patients worldwide. This effort will involve collaborating with other academic and industry partners to start building the infrastructure and to assemble the resources necessary to further develop the field.

“With so many campuses spread throughout the state and so much scientific, clinical, and computational expertise, the University of California system has the potential to bring it all together,” said Atul Butte, M.D., PhD leading the initiative. Furthermore, “If we can work with interested parties in biotech and Silicon Valley, we will have a wealth of resources to develop precision medicine.”

A “Call for Proposals” was announced by CIAPM on April 22, 2015, with $2.4 million available. The concept proposal is due May 22, 2015, with the full proposal due July 15, 2015.

Go to http://health.universityofcalifornia.edu/files/2015/04/rfp_ciapm_demo_projects.pdf for details on the Request for Proposals. For questions, email ciapm@ucsf.edu.


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