Increasing Teleradiology Worldwide

Teleradiology will soon be available in mHealth apps, internet of things, and smart homes powered by the Borderless Healthcare Group (BHG) that includes ten companies operating in health, wellness, and food.

Telerad Tech’s RADSpa™ image sharing portal has been integrated with the BHG patient portal to deliver fast, secure, optimized collaborations between doctors and patients. Consumers  are now be able to upload their radiological images such as X-rays, CT scans, etc. via a portal and have access to second opinions from hundreds of U.S certified radiologists.

As healthcare evolves from a hospital-centric model to a consumer and home centric model, the mobility of health services becomes more important. “The unequal distribution of imaging expertise in a country can now be resolved via cloud-based applications and consumers can finally enjoy a new form of healthcare democracy where imaging experts from around the world can support local healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Wei Siang Yu, Chairman of BHC.

This service is supported by a Medical Butler, an online nurse concierge to be included as a service in selected mHealth apps, wearables, internet of things, and smart home platforms. Users who do not have digital images can also benefit from radiological image digitalization services where the physical images will be digitalized and uploaded into the image cloud for better portability regardless of borders.

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