Healthcare Experts Go to the White House

eHealth Initiative (eHI) CEO Jennifer Covich Bordenick, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell along with 100 other top experts and leaders in the  healthcare field attended the March 25th kick-off of the “Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network” at the White House. 

The initiative’s aim is to bring together individuals from both the public and private sectors to build on the Affordable Care Act’s efforts to move healthcare towards a system that provides the best care for patients and pays providers based on quality rather than on the quantity of care.

The network also builds upon HHS’s goal of tying 30 percent of payments to quality and value through alternative payment models by 2016 and 50 percent by 2018 using new approaches to pay for healthcare created by the Affordable Care Act.

Bordenick said, “eHI applauds the President and HHS for their leadership on transforming care and for setting clear objectives that will help the nation make the complex transition to a better healthcare system as smoothly as possible.”

According to Bordenick, “This new effort fits in well with eHI’s 2020 Roadmap activities to develop and support action steps that will improve healthcare and work well with the White House to achieve the goals for the new Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network.”

Go to for more details on the Network. Go to for more information on the 2020 Roadmap.

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