Helping Uninsured Children

AMD Global Telemedicine (AMD) is helping the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine remove barriers associated with pediatric follow-up appointments for uninsured children.

The University of Miami Pediatric Mobile Clinic (UMPMC)  community-outreach/pediatric-mobile-clinic at the University of Miami was established in 1992 as a response to Hurricane Andrew. The UMPMC is funded by the Children’s Health Fund, Verizon Foundation, and the Florida Department of Health.

The UMPMC uses AMD’s Portable TeleClinic to provide immediate access to remote specialist care, helps patients make follow-up appointments, and delivers primary care to nearly 3,000 children a year who are without health insurance.

UMPMC is powered by AMD Global Telemedicine’s AGNES Interactive software, which is a fully functional exam station used for clinical telemedicine appointments and video conferencing consults.

Medical devices such as an examination camera, otoscope, stethoscope and 12-lead ECG are integrated to support the requirements of each medical specialty. Specialties serviced by UMPMC include dermatology, cardiology, nutrition, and obesity management.

According to Lisa Gwynn, D.O, Medical Director of the Pediatric Mobile Clinic, “By bringing the remote specialist to our mobile unit via telemedicine, we have brought our compliance rate up significantly from 30 percent to 90 percent and our patients are benefiting from all-inclusive care.

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