Mobile Apps Helps Clinicians and Patients

Inspira has just announced that it will deploy both the Practice Unite patient and clinician application in partnership with Futura Mobility and Pursuit Healthcare Advisors on a single platform.

Three acute care hospitals, four multi-specialty health centers, plus more than 60 plus rural health facilities across New Jersey are part of the Inspira Health Network

Using the single platform, Practice Unite’s mobile solutions will enable Inspira’s staff to address communication issues such as secure texting, patient-centric communications, voice communications, and the delivery of critical data from EHRs. It allows care coordinators and care team members to communicate securely with their patients.

Practice Unite, Futura a privately held IT services organization, and Pursuit Healthcare Advisors, a partner of Futura and Practice will team up to resolve several other issues for the rural hospital to include:

  • High-risk patient care—the communication between the patient app and clinical app will help manage post discharge care and long term home care for this patient population
  • EHR integration—by integrating with Inspira’s existing EHR system, clinicians will be able to respond to changes in a patient’s condition sooner
  • Provide noise reduction support—by using secure communications apps, it will be easier for staff to reach each other and reduce the need for overhead paging
  • More rural support—since the majority of Inspira’s physicians and staff work at various sites throughout the state, the need to have a single communication tool is needed to help them quickly reach each other


“Practice Unite delivers a unique approach to population health. We provide users with a single platform to create multiple, interconnected secure mobile applications for all the stakeholders in the continuum of care,” said Dr. Stuart Hochron, CMO and Co-Founder Practice Unite. He adds, “Practice Unite understands the challenges that today’s hospital facilities face in delivering best in class patient centered care especially across numerous care facilities.”






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