Minnesota to Market Exchange

Minnesota is in the process of establishing a state-based Exchange and as a result, the state is planning a statewide public education and awareness campaign aimed at reaching uninsured individuals and populations that will be the potential users of the Exchange. The Exchange is required to be fully operational beginning October 1, 2012 with the launching of the public education and awareness campaign to be launched in June 2013.

In February, the state issued an RFP which closed March 18th seeking proposals from qualified firms or contractors capable of providing a wide range of creative development, production, media buying, and marketing analysis services to design and produce a marketing campaign.

The approach to constructing the marketing campaign will take strategic planning, creative development of advertising including but not limited to television, radio, and print, digital, mobile, point of sale, direct response. Also product development, promotions, account management and marketing support will be needed.

The projected audience for the Exchange is for individuals and small businesses that may or may not qualify for tax credits to purchase health insurance and for individuals enrolling in Medical Assistance.

It is understood that some firms may have a higher level of expertise on a specific section of the scope of work as outlined. Given that the statement of work crosses multiple marketing platforms and is targeted towards diverse populations, vendors may want to consider establishing partnerships with other entities that are experts and have experience in specialized areas.

 Go to www.mn.gov/his/images/RFP-MarketingCampaign.pdf for more information. The person to contact is Mary Sienko, Marketing and Communication Director for the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange.

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