Expanding Patient Access to Care

Recently, Xerox www.xerox.com invested in HealthSpot www.healthspot.net to enable patients to have access to care using HealthSpot’s telehealth solution in convenient locations. The Xerox investment will enable HealthSpot to rapidly deploy their stations in retail pharmacies, large employers, emergency departments, and other locations throughout the country.

The average visit to one of HealthSpot’s fully enclosed, 40 square foot kiosks takes 15 minutes, while offering patients convenient, timely access to doctors, specialists, and  a way to fill and refill prescriptions.

Xerox is also partnering with HealthSpot to provide the back end business services suite to the HealthSpot software platform which enables cloud-hosting, systems integration, and claims processing. The kiosks will use Xerox’s IT infrastructure for appointment bookings as an interface to EHRs and for insurance coordination.

According to Steve Cashman HealthSpot CEO, “Xerox is a dominant leader in healthcare services today, reaching two out of every three U.S insured patients and working with most states, Together with providers, payers, and a powerful IT foundation, we will bring patients the evolution in care that they have long needed”

In another important move, HealthSpot has just entered into a new partnership with Rite Aid www.riteaid.com, the first national retail pharmacy chain to offer telehealth services through the HealthSpot station. Rite Aid will pilot the stations in the greater Akron/Canton, Cleveland, and Dayton/Springfield markets.

The consumer-facing kiosk enables patients to interact with nationally recognized doctors and healthcare professionals through high-definition video conferencing along with digital medical devices.

Now it will be possible for customers to receive medical care from board-certified medical providers located at the Cleveland Clinic and other major health systems across Ohio with the average visit taking just 15 minutes.


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