FIND & QuantuMDx Developing Device

FIND, a Geneva-based non-profit organization is developing innovative diagnostic devices with QuantuMDx Group,, a British medical device developer. They have joined forces to develop a solution that will enable health professionals to diagnose drug resistant tuberculosis using a handheld device.

The device will take DNA analysis to the most rural communities around the world using QuantuMdx’s Q-POC device to deliver life-saving results in less than half an hour at the patient’s side. As part of this partnership, FIND is helping to develop an appropriate and integrated sample handling compartment while QuantuMDx continues their platform development.

According to Elaine Warburton, QuantuMDx’s CEO, “The strategic partnership with FIND affords QuantuMDx experience and expertise in developing and commercializing a much needed diagnostic device for developing countries. It helps globally to meet the need for a low cost, point-of-care molecular analysis to enable the early identification and eventual eradication of MDR-TB and other infectious diseases.”

Jonathan O’Halloran, QuantuMDx’s CSO and Q-POC inventor said, “Our partnership with FIND will enable us to deal with the complexities involved in commercializing a diagnostic device. Also, when networked with Q-POCs out in the field, we will have an early warning platform able to monitor novel pathogens and find emerging hotspots of drug resistance in real-time.”

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