Ohio Team Improving Access to Care

HealthSpot® www.healthspot.net  a pioneer in health technology and CareSource www.caresource.com  an Ohio nonprofit managed care company, have entered into an agreement to increase access to quality healthcare through the HealthSpot platform for CareSource Medicaid, CareSource Just4Me, and MyCare Ohio subscribers.

To accomplish the goal, HealthSpot built a healthcare delivery platform that combines cloud-based software with the HealthSpot station. The stations connect patients to medical providers from a variety of Ohio’s health systems that include Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, and University Hospitals.

HealthSpot plans to roll out 100 stations in communities across Ohio that will make it more convenient for residents to get proper, quality care close to home. CareSource has agreed to reimburse for HealthSpot telehealth visits for common illnesses such as flu and upper respiratory infections for members treated at HealthSpot stations.

Geographic areas will be targeted for stations that have high emergency room visit rates and patient wait times as identified by patient focus-groups and claim data analysis conducted by the two companies.

HealthSpot is helping to bring quality care closer to the consumer by going straight to the places they already know and frequent which very often is the neighborhood pharmacy. The agreement is targeting national chain and independent pharmacies across Ohio.

“Working with Care Sources is key to increasing access to the right quality and affordable medical care though a diverse professional care network in locations in the patient’s own backyard,” said Steve Cashman, CEO of HealthSpot.

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