LifeBot to Demo New System

Lifebot LLC will be premiering their new advanced telemedicine system called LifeBot 5 at the largest American Telemedicine Association (ATA) meeting ever held with 6,000 projected attendees May 5-7 in Austin Texas. The ATA meeting for the past 18 years has been the foremost forum for healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs in the telemedicine, telehealth, and mHealth space.

The new LifeBot 5 promises to revolutionize the way remote care is delivered and reduce both the risks and costs of deploying telemedicine systems in clinic-to-hospital, hospital-to-hospital, and hospital-to-ambulance communications.

The system is very affordable since it begins under $20,000 and costs less than half of most existing telemedicine solutions that have many less critical features. Since LifeBot 5 is portable, it can be installed instantly putting life-saving telemedicine systems on the fast track to full scaled deployment.

Unlike existing instruments, LifeBot 5 is modular in construction so it may be readily adapted to new technologies or be easily upgraded as critical needs arise. The system is being made even smaller and lighter to serve future needs.

According to CEO Roger Heath, “Demand is high and we are currently in the process of gearing up production to meet the demand. Significant advancements have been made to the base software and hardware component structures by adding many new features to the original LifeBot DREAMS system. Details on the new features will be released soon.”

For more information on the ATA Annual International meeting & Trade Show go to and for information on LifeBot 5, go to or visit exhibit booth #426 at the ATA meeting.

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