NSF’s Connected Health Program

The National Science Foundation (NSF) through their Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) have issued solicitation (13-543) for their “Smart and Connected Health” (SCH) program. SCH’s goal is to support the much needed transformation of healthcare from reactive and hospital-centered care to preventive, proactive, evidence-based, person-centered, and focused on well-being rather than disease.

The purpose of the program is to develop next generation healthcare solutions and encourage existing and new research communities to focus on breakthrough ideas in a variety of areas of value to health. These areas may include sensor technology, networking, information and machine learning technology, decision support systems, modeling of behavioral and cognitive processes, as well as system and process modeling.

Effective solutions must help eliminate the constraints arising from clinical and medical needs, social interactions, cognitive limitations, existing barriers to behavioral change, heterogeneity of data, and the limitations existing in current cyberphysical systems. Solutions to meet the demand require multidisciplinary teams ready to address technical, behavioral, and clinical issues ranging from fundamental science to clinical practice.

Two classes of proposals will be considered in response to the solicitation:

  • Exploratory Projects (EXP)—(Type I) to investigate the proof-of-concept or feasibility for novel technologies, processes, or approaches to promote smart and connected health. It is anticipated that EXP awards will be funded over a 1 to 3 year period not to exceed $170,000 direct cost and $250,000 total cost per year for up to three years. EXP full proposals are due June 3, 2013


  • Integrative Projects (INT)—(Type II) to address key application areas by solving problems in multiple scientific and engineering domains incorporating at least two out of the three areas of CISE, ENG, and SBE. The projects are to provide knowledge and advance understanding on how technology and engineering combined with advancements in computer, behavioral, and social science can support transformation in healthcare. It is anticipated that INT projects will be funded up to a four year period for a total of $370,000 direct cost and $500,000 total cost per year. INT full proposals are due October 10, 2013.

An estimated fifteen to twenty five projects up to $20,000,000 will be funded subject to the availability of funds.

Proposals may be submitted by universities and colleges, non-profits, non-academic organizations, research labs, professional societies and similar organizations associated with education or research activities.

Go to www.nsf.gov/pubs/2013/nsf13543/nsf13543.htm for more information. For further details, email iis-shb-corr@nsf.gov.

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