Improving Virtual & In-Home Care

UCM Digital Health, a digital health and telehealth provider with corporate headquarters in Troy N.Y., is partnering with the Columbia County EMS Coordinator’s Office along with the Columbia County 9-1-1 to bring their UCM digital health platform solution to handle emergency calls.

Patients now have access to virtual care by a UCM provider who serves as real time extension of EMS or 9-1-1 treatment. The virtual care is offered to 911 callers when the County’s EMS resources are depleted and when area hospitals are experiencing extended wait times in their Emergency Departments.

UCM Digital Health is partnering with Empress EMS to provide mobile integrated health for a higher level of in-home patient care. This collaboration provides mobile integrated health through a combination of virtual and hands-on medical care in a patient’s home, workplace, or wherever care is needed.

This partnership enables Empress to serve as an extension of UCM Digital Health when it is determined that hands-on care is needed and if UCM concludes that in-person treatment is required.

If UCM concludes that in-person treatment is required during a virtual consult, a paramedic provided through Empress EMS will be deployed to the patient’s location for several reasons.

Paramedics may be sent to the patient’s location to check vital signs, perform a physical exam, assess social health determinants, and even conduct critical diagnostic tests that may include checking blood glucose and performing an EKG.

In addition, higher risk patients can receive elevated assessments if a diagnosis is unclear and further assistance is needed Escalated actions might include intravenous treatments, oral or nebulized medications, splinting, or bandaging a severe wound.

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